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A Bad Day Turned Around

Yesterday was just one of those days. The day that starts out bad and just turns to shit. At least that was how it was headed until early evening when I met friend and photographer Timothy White at the restaurant bar at legendary West Hollywood hotel the Sunset Marquis for a well needed cocktail.

The Sunset Marquis, currently in the midst of updating some of its rooms, is also in the midst of turning its restaurant, RESTAURANT over to Top-Chef Master and James Beard Award winner Chef Michael Schlow for a redesign of the menu and the dining experience from bar snacks through dessert as it marks the hotels 50th Anniversary.


So imagine my surprise when Chef Schlow stops by to say hi to his longtime friend White, and asked us if we would like a bar snack. Who are we to turn down such an offer, and moments later a dish filled with Jalapeño Tater Tots with a side of Smoky Bernaise dip appear in front of us. That bad mood I referred to was long gone between having a great chat with Chef Schlow about where he’s been dining around LA (literally eating at a different restaurant every night to get a feel for food in this town) and his favorite oysters from Cape Cod, Wianno Oysters, surprisingly my favorite oysters as well.

Back to the tater tots. Just forget any idea you have about what a Jalapeño Tater Tot can taste like until you try one of Michael Schlow’s. Fried with a creamy green filling that melts in your mouth with just a hint of the spice you might expect to overpower, but doesn’t. Easily making these the best Tater Tots of any kind I’ve ever eater in my life.

Chef Michael Schlow's bar snack at the Sunset Marquis restaurant.

Chef Michael Schlow’s bar snack at the Sunset Marquis restaurant.

And those are his handmade potato chips lurking in the background. They didn’t last very long.

Chef Michael Schlow all smiles at the Sunset Marquis hotel.

Chef Michael Schlow all smiles at the Sunset Marquis hotel.

Joined now by our friend Camie, manager of the Kiehl’s stores at The Grove and on Montana, Chef Schlow asked us what we wanted next. One of our favorite things at the Sunset Marquis is hanging at the Restaurant Bar, so we really didn’t want to sit down at a table and have a big meal. To our surprise and delight Chef Schlow quizzed us each about our food likes and dislikes and then excused himself for the kitchen. It’s important to point out that this menu is still being created and the current great menu is what greets diners, rock legends or mere mortals alike. But this James Beard Award Winning Chef just slipped away into the kitchen to prepare a meal for us to have at the bar. And before we knew it, 3 beautifully plated meals appeared in front of each of us, followed by the Chef who described what he had prepared – a slow cooked Steelhead Trout with fresh porcini mushrooms and roasted pearl onions. An absolutely perfect tasting plate that each of us left wiped clean and secretly wished we had the nerve to ask what this great Chef would come up with for dessert if we asked. Truth be told, that gives us a great excuse to do this all over again.

Slow cooked Steelhead Trout with fresh porcini mushrooms and roasted pearl onions from Chef Michael Schlow at the Sunset Marquis.

Slow cooked Steelhead Trout with fresh porcini mushrooms and roasted pearl onions from Chef Michael Schlow at the Sunset Marquis.

All I can say is that not only did this whole experience turn my day around completely, but Michael Schlow is not only an incredibly nice guy, but when this restaurant launches (maybe in January) at the Sunset Marquis, this iconic property is going to have a new jewel in its crown with the imprint of a true Top-Chef Master to kick off its next Fifty Years of well deserved fame as one of Los Angeles’s top dining and event hotels.

What Makes A Good Wedding Planner Great …

What makes a good wedding planner? What makes you different from all the other wedding planners out there?

These are generally two of the first questions prospective clients ask  – and they’re very reasonable questions.

My answer is very simple, I bring the fireworks to your wedding. Sometimes literally, like in the photo below, but more often the fireworks are the passion I bring to my job. I’ve always loved the feeling I get when I watch a great fireworks display – sometimes I get chills – often I just stare in wonderment and amazement, and allow pure feelings of joy and contentment to wash over me. It’s the same feeling I get watching a bride walk down the aisle, or when I hear a father toast his daughter and the man or woman who is now going to take care of ‘his little girl’, or watching newlyweds kiss for the first time …

Babington House, Somerset, UK

Babington House, Somerset, UK

And for a client to be able sit back and look at their family and friends – laughing, hugging, dancing – without a single worry in their heads, that’s bringing the fireworks too. Because the fireworks are what makes your wedding day the most special day of your life.

It’s the emotion from driving in the car to your wedding with your father seated beside you …

The drive to your wedding, alone with a loved one.

The drive to your wedding, alone with a loved one.

To hearing yourself pronounced married and walking back down the aisle past everyone you love, all of them with smiles and pure love in their hearts for you and your new partner in life …


Newlyweds Brooke & Keith, now husband and wife.

And to sneaking that kiss as if nothing and no one around you existed, yet you’re surrounded by everyone transfixed watching the love in both of your eyes.

Montecito Kiss

Sneaking that kiss.

Knowing that your day was magical, that it was everything you ever could have dreamed of and more.

Photography By / Aaron Delesie Photographer Wedding Planning By / David Pressman Events LLC

That special look between two people so very much in love.

And the icing on the cake – you get to see your dreams unfold in front of your very eyes, and whether it was a month or a year of planning – you get to taste the icing and share it with everyone you want to be around you on your special day – because my team and I took your dreams and turned them into a reality that leaves you with the best feeling in the world.

I bring that icing.

I bring the passion for what I do to make your day truly “your day”.

That’s what makes me different.

And I’m not alone. Their are truly wonderful wedding designers and planners available to you, many of whom are my friends. But find the one that brings the fireworks for you.

all photography (c) aaron delesie photography

The Los Angeles Food Bank

As an event planner my colleagues and I see great amounts of food go to waste. And with our society becoming more and more litigious, we’re no longer allowed to deliver left-over food to food kitchens, pantries, Church’s, Mosques, Synagogue’s or other places where those in need can find food readily available.

The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank  is marking it’s 40th year of service to the greater Los Angeles community, distributing over 1 million pounds of food on a weekly basis. And they are a lifeline to hundreds of thousands of people we see on the streets around us every day.

Where do they get their food that they in turn make available to outreach programs for those in need. It’s a great list, and worth sharing so you might consider supporting these companies (politics aside, this is philanthropy). These are the top food donors and the poundage they have donated since 2002. And if you don’t see your Big Box food store of choice on this list, i.e., where’s Costco




General Mills……………….8,101,088


Sam’s Club…………………..4,164,147



Flower Foods……………….2,065,125

Trader Joe’s…………………1,874,438


How can a child learn if all they can think about is when they will eat next? Over 400,000 children in LA County face hunger.

Donate with confidence.  The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank has been rated as a four star charity by Charity Navigator and has been awarded the “Best in America” seal from Local Independent Charities of America.  Thank you for your support.



A Soolip Wedding 2013

We are proud to have been a Pearl Sponsor for A Soolip Wedding this past weekend at the Bel-Air Bay Club, and thrilled to have collaborated with Rrivre Works and Mille Fiori Floral Design on our space at this modern luxury bridal show.


Well over 300 guests attended this curated bridal event with brides-to-be, family members, and industry professionals crowding the Bel Air Bay Club to meet the top bridal experts in Southern California and beyond.

We invite all the brides-to-be and their families to contact us directly to talk about how David Pressman Events can help your wedding become the event of your lifetime.

Elie Saab Couture Spring 2013

I have been in and out of the world of women’s fashion – from Mary McFadden to Calvin Klein, with Perry Ellis, Jhane Barnes and Ellen Tracy thrown in-between – for over 30 years. And for the last few years I’ve spent a great deal of time walking brides-to-be through the process of purchasing a wedding gown in my role as a wedding planner.

I see things that woman don’t see when they look in the mirror. I can see beauty in their body parts they’ve hated all their lives; shoulders, necks, backs. And for reasons of pure je ne sais quoi I love looking at women dressed beautifully – and that can be in jeans with the perfect white shirt or the dresses I’m sharing in this post from designer Elie Saab’s 2013 Spring Couture collection.

You can see the entire collection on Style.com and read the review by Nicole Phelps as well. But I’m just blown away by what this man has done and can’t wait to get a bride-to-be or any of my special event clients into any one of these dresses. Take a look because this is great stuff.


photo by Caroline Brasch Nielsen for ELITE


photo by Nicole Pollard for OUI


photo by Cora Emmanuel for OUI


photo by Caroline Brasch Nielsen for ELITE


photo by Georgia Hilmer for NEXT


photo by Nastya Kusakina for WOMEN


photo by Vanessa Axente for VIVA


photo by Maud Weizen for ELITE


photo by Tilda Lindstam for IMG


photo by Mackenzie Drazen for ELITE

photo by Sigrid Agren for ELITE

photo by Sigrid Agren for ELITE

And the designer … Elie Saab.

Designer Elie Saab