What Makes A Good Wedding Planner Great …

by david pressman events

What makes a good wedding planner? What makes you different from all the other wedding planners out there?

These are generally two of the first questions prospective clients ask  – and they’re very reasonable questions.

My answer is very simple, I bring the fireworks to your wedding. Sometimes literally, like in the photo below, but more often the fireworks are the passion I bring to my job. I’ve always loved the feeling I get when I watch a great fireworks display – sometimes I get chills – often I just stare in wonderment and amazement, and allow pure feelings of joy and contentment to wash over me. It’s the same feeling I get watching a bride walk down the aisle, or when I hear a father toast his daughter and the man or woman who is now going to take care of ‘his little girl’, or watching newlyweds kiss for the first time …

Babington House, Somerset, UK

Babington House, Somerset, UK

And for a client to be able sit back and look at their family and friends – laughing, hugging, dancing – without a single worry in their heads, that’s bringing the fireworks too. Because the fireworks are what makes your wedding day the most special day of your life.

It’s the emotion from driving in the car to your wedding with your father seated beside you …

The drive to your wedding, alone with a loved one.

The drive to your wedding, alone with a loved one.

To hearing yourself pronounced married and walking back down the aisle past everyone you love, all of them with smiles and pure love in their hearts for you and your new partner in life …


Newlyweds Brooke & Keith, now husband and wife.

And to sneaking that kiss as if nothing and no one around you existed, yet you’re surrounded by everyone transfixed watching the love in both of your eyes.

Montecito Kiss

Sneaking that kiss.

Knowing that your day was magical, that it was everything you ever could have dreamed of and more.

Photography By / Aaron Delesie Photographer Wedding Planning By / David Pressman Events LLC

That special look between two people so very much in love.

And the icing on the cake – you get to see your dreams unfold in front of your very eyes, and whether it was a month or a year of planning – you get to taste the icing and share it with everyone you want to be around you on your special day – because my team and I took your dreams and turned them into a reality that leaves you with the best feeling in the world.

I bring that icing.

I bring the passion for what I do to make your day truly “your day”.

That’s what makes me different.

And I’m not alone. Their are truly wonderful wedding designers and planners available to you, many of whom are my friends. But find the one that brings the fireworks for you.

all photography (c) aaron delesie photography