What’s Love Got To Do With It?

by david pressman events

To a Wedding Planner/Designer, the answer is everything.

With unlimited answers to the question “why are you getting married,” and no wrong answer, the answer I hope to hear is “because we’re in love.”

By way of explanation their are a lot of respectable reasons couples get married at a particular time or place – compromise for one or both sets of parents, an illness amongst the immediate family and the desire to have that person share this beautiful day, money and many, many more.

So hearing “because we’re in love” just melts my heart.

Too often couples  – of any age or sexuality – are under intense pressure from family, friends, work, etc., that it’s just too easy for them to get caught up and forget that the Wedding Day is supposed to be about them and their love for each other. Everything else pales in comparison to this glorious celebration of love. And at the end of that day it doesn’t matter where the wedding was, what kind of food was served or how much it cost.

What matters is that it was about the love of two people. These are the weddings I dream about working on because this is where true magic ignites…


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What’s love got to do with it? Everything.